Our Principles

Client oriented – Tailor made solutions built around each client’s unique requirements

Independent – Objective advise

Experienced – Senior and experienced professional engagement

Innovative – Creative and cutting edge solutions address complex constraints

Financial Modelling

  • Alpha Generating Model Development

  • Alpha Generating Strategies Development

  • Financial Forecasting

  • Product Structuring

  • Financial Model validation

Risk Management & Governance

  • Risk Management Process Review

  • Risk Governance and Culture Review

  • Risk Appetite Statement

  • Gap Analysis

  • Implementation Planning

  • Risk Assessment - Risk Response

Investment Advisory

  • Investment Strategy

  • Asset Allocation – Strategic & Tactical

  • Investment Process Development & Review

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Portfolio Risk Management

  • Stock Selection Modeling

  • Portfolio Assessment & Restructuring

Business & Finacial Consulting

  • Business Strategy

  • Investment Strategy

  • Financial Planning

  • Corporate Development

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics

  • Transformation - Change Management

  • Negotiation & Conflict Handling

  • Corporate Governance & Compliance

Financial Risk Management

  • Portfolio Risk Management

  • Asset Liability Management (ALM)

  • Quantification of Risk with respect to Basel III & Solvency II

  • Risk Management Model validation

Investment Research

  • Investment and Macroeconomic Research

  • Quantitative Research

  • Thematic Research

  • Bespoke- tailor made Research


Investment & Macroeconomic Research

In the Investment & Macroeconomic research section you can find our original and proprietary analysis dealing with major market and macroeconomic trends impacting global financial markets. Our analysts provide market views, forecasts and strategy recommendations.

Our analysts produce two types of research reports:

  • Research comments

  • Research notes

Thematic Research

The investment world is constantly changing, as a different set of factors impacts financial markets at different points in time. Our thematic research pinpoints specific topics that affect markets and analyze the underlying trends.

Quantitative Research

Our team is highly specialized and has been involved in advanced and innovative applied investment research, as well as in the application of cutting edge quantitative portfolio management and quantitative research techniques.

Our in-depth analysis covers the areas of quantitative portfolio management, quantitative asset allocation, quantitative investment strategy, financial modeling, and financial risk management.